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The Role That We Play
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Goro Okuda

 In 2022, Osaka International Junior and High School started at a new school site in Matsushita- cho, Moriguchi City.
 With this, Osaka International Educational Institution's campus development plan have settled down.
 Although there are still issues to be addressed, the foundation has been laid to focus on educational activities for the next 30 years.
 From now on, each school, from kindergarten to university, will improve the quality of education and produce the human resources that society needs under the spirit and philosophy of the school, thereby building on its history and producing human resources that will support the local community and the world.

 However, even though the hardware has been put to rest, I feel that we are facing a very difficult time for education in the future.
 Technological advances are unstoppable, society is becoming more sophisticated, and our values are being shaken to the core.
 Of course, I am concerned that this is a time when we must not only revolutionize various methods of learning in the world of education, but also seriously consider what it is that we need to learn.
 One misstep and our children will be swallowed up in the wave of progress, and their growth as human beings will be undermined in many ways.

 The new school dares to equip the entire hallway with more than 15,000 books. Placing books at the center of the school in an age when one can read as many books as one wants through the Internet is truly a message to the children to think carefully about the relationship between knowledge and human beings.

 Technological advancement is not always useful for human growth. We do our best to be an opinion leader in the community, considering how to nurture various life skills such as physical strength, intelligence, and courage, and what kind of human resources will be needed in the future society.
We will continue to work with you to nurture our children, our future treasures.
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.